Executive Condominium (EC), also known as EC, is an exclusive housing type for the upper class. Initially constructed in 1999, it is an amalgamation of private and public housing. Parc central residences They are fully enclosed in an upscale gated community with all facilities such as swimming pools, sports facilities, clubhouses, gymnasiums, swimming pools, and so on. This is a unique type of housing for those who wish to live in style but have a low maintenance budget.

The executive condominium community is usually located close to malls and other business establishments. It offers high-quality living and can be purchased through private owners. There are many different types of apartments in Singapore, such as studios, townhouses, and condominiums, which provide high quality living to many people. And most of them provide excellent value for money.

However, many Singaporeans prefer to stay in executive condominium communities because of the availability of facilities and the fact that they are conveniently near various public transportation systems. They also provide residents with excellent fitness centers, clubs, pools, parks, swimming pools, and outdoor play. Residents may also enjoy the use of their car if they wish to do so.

There are several executive condominium communities in Singapore, and each of them has its unique features and offerings. Some of them are located in the heart of the city and are very accessible. Others are not found in the center of the town and require a lot of walking and driving. However, most of them are located close to malls, business establishments, and shopping districts, providing residents with all the necessities they need to live comfortably.

Some of these residential communities also include many facilities, such as restaurants, bars, clubs, and other recreational centers. A good thing about executive condominium communities is that they are designed to provide residents with all the amenities they need to lead comfortable lives. Such facilities include fitness centers, swimming pools, shopping centers, game rooms, recreation centers, schools, gyms, restaurants, and many others. They can avail of all these facilities at the same rate if they desire them or willing to pay for them.

Although they are available in many different sizes, executive condominium communities usually come as two stories and have one or two bedrooms. There are generally single-story units and multi-story ones too. Depending on the unit’s size, some communities also include additional facilities such as parking spaces, laundry, garages, and other common areas.