The New York Times Book Review was published during the New Year and focuses on novels written during the current year. Among the titles in this year’s bestseller list are “All You Need to Know About Catfishing” by John De Nardo, “Tender is the Night by Alice Sebold,” “The Fire Within by Svetlana Alexievich, “Walden” by Mark Z. Danielewski, “The Marriage Plot” by Sarah Waters, “The Housekeeper” by Isabel De Los Rios and “The Book Thief” by Joe Klein.

“One of Crime & Punishment’s ‘Debuts of This Year’ series,” according to Library Journal, is “The Big Fish” by Joanne Lee, “A Little Life” by Jill Nicollette and “How To Survive in a Baby World” by Mary Jo Bang. Holiday Party Catering “Books I Read That Changed Me”Books I’m Looking Forward To Reading” are other titles on the list.

As for decorations for your New Year’s Eve Italian party theme? A must-have been the Italian masks. The traditional act is a red and white one with a black face. The modern covers, which are very popular, include “Hans & Franz”Einstein,” as well as an Italian “Monte Cosa” mask. Costumes are a must.

The favorite color of New Year’s Eve parties is red, so you can choose to wear red or orange. As your party color of choice and serve red pasta, red wine, or red drinks in the punch.

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Appetizers, appetizer plates, appetizer tablecloths, napkins, and napkin holders in red colors, including red and white, for appetizers. The tablecloths use red colored paper and white-colored napkins and red-colored tablecloths, red tablecloths, and napkins. You can even have red wine glasses (not exact) with red wine and red napkins and red wine bottles. Also, choose white wine for your red wines and champagne for your white wines.