Leather jacket

In order to keep up with today’s fashion trends, you must have a leather jacket. Leather jackets are becoming an important part of the 2022 fashion trends, for both men and women. Leather jackets are very suitable to be combined with various types of clothing.

Whether combined as an outer shirt or shirt, a man will still look cool wearing this leather jacket. A dashing impression also appears when wearing this leather jacket.

Striped Shirt

Next, the type of men’s clothes that are trendy today that you can wear comfortably everyday are t-shirts. However, the trend this year is the striped t-shirt pattern.

Striped shirts have actually been popular in Korea for a long time, until finally they are also popular among Indonesian men. This striped shirt is very comfortable to wear and can be used for various casual events.

Flannel Shirt

This year is also still the year where flannel shirts become a trend. The trend of shirts with plaid patterns is still in great demand because of its relaxed impression.

Flannel shirts are also very popular with men because they can give a cool impression when combined with plain shirts. So the various colors of flannel shirts such as red, green, brown, yellow, and so on, still look fashionable.

Cuban Collar Shirt

Although there are many types of shirts, white label clothing are also many men who cannot recognize that there are shirts that are different from the shape of the collar. One of them is a shirt with this type of cuban collar.

This Cuban collar shirt has a wide collar with short sleeves. So indeed this type of shirt is very popular to use when the weather is hot. The color is usually bright too.

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Monochrome Shirt

Monochrome shirts are also still the choice of today’s trending men’s clothes. As the name implies, the monochrome dress style usually only involves white or black.

Many of these colors are considered boring, but for many men, these colors are the safest colors and make them more confident.

However, this 2022 monochrome shirt has many variations, starting from the shape of the collar, shirt material, and other aspects that make it not look tacky.

Patchwork T-shirts

Another type of t-shirt that is becoming the latest men’s clothing trend is one that has unique patchwork. Patchwork is an abstract decoration on one part of a t-shirt.

Usually this patchwork is along the right or left side of the shirt or even just on the shoulder. So this patchwork shirt is very popular among teenagers and young people because of the trendy impression it displays.

Slim Fit Shirt

In terms of clothing for formal activities, there are many men who are starting to switch to wearing slim fit shirts. This office shirt with the right size makes you who wear it look much younger and cool.

Slim fit shirts also have many models and patterns so they can be collected in large quantities too. Slim fit shirts are also very fitting to be combined with your formal suit.

Loose Suits

The year 2022 is also very popular with suits used in various daily activities. But in terms of men’s clothing, suits that are in great demand are loose-fitting suits. This baggy suit features a suit and pants that are too big when worn.

However, despite the greatness of the man wearing it looks very stylish. Even the color choices of loose suits for men are also available in bright colors such as pink to blue.

Tropical Print

In the past, perhaps many men were not confident in wearing clothes that were too busy. But now there are many men’s clothes that have a tropical pattern.

The meaning of this tropical pattern is a shirt or t-shirt with many pictures of leaves and even flowers. Although the pattern is bright, men can look very dashing when wearing it.


Lastly, today’s trending men’s clothes involve a lot of vests. Usually this vest is only worn as an inside to hold the shirt while wearing a suit.

But nowadays many are wearing vests even though they are not wearing suits. In addition, there are now many kinds of vest designs.